Tails Bomb

Tails advertising the SEGA Bomb System

The SEGA Bomb System is a shaming system made by SEGA in 1999. It was made after the decline of the SEGA Shaming System 2 in the hopes of actually accomplishing something before going bankrupt. This goal ultimately failed, unless you count pissing a bunch of people off and starting an angry mob as accomplishments.

After the SEGA Shaming System 2 went out of business, SEGA used their collective brainpower to realize they were about to go out of business. Not even Sonic could keep them in business. They decided they would have their revenge! First they would get some ice cream, but then they would have their revenge!

They decided to have their revenge! by making a shaming system that was really just a bomb. A lot of shaming systems are like this, but this was the first intentional bomb system. The idiots then came up with the "clever" idea of calling it the SEGA Bomb System, as Nobody would guess it was really a bomb.

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