Ruigi, standing with his legs spread apart MENACINGLY

Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Species: Homo Nintendonus
Height: Tall
Home: the Mushroom Kingdom
Alive or Dead?: Alive
AKA: Blue and yellow Luigi
Education: Unknown
Known For: being SUPER WEIRD
UnRank: 99+(⅓x3)

Ruigi's Odd Addiction to Wild Shrooms

Ruigi is a form of Luigi that's more bizarre version of Luigi that's the more bizarre form of Luigi. It's worth saying 3 times because I think he might have autism. He suffers from Acute Mood Swings. He wears the Captain 0 signature colors, which is a nice touch I guess. Or is he obsessed with Wario instead...?

He never speaks and when he does it's like if his entire life was Groundhog's Day... There's something he is certainly hiding... His search history indicates he frequents 4chan, maybe to warn them? Maybe it's where he gets all of his crazy ideas from. He thinks that Pie doesn't make his head explode and that Shames are called Games, as well as the Teletubbies or Pokemon not being evil. I mean anyone can make something up on the Internet! Maybe he's just really dumb and falls for tricks.

Whatever it may be it's no good. He may end life with his information if it's true.

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