The Rugrats are an elite Nazi terrorist group and the minions of NEDMgee. They are in charge of leading major Nazi attacks, and serving the great Nazi fuhrer Adolf Hitler. Their leader is Tommy Pickles. As Nazis, they are evil jerks who always kill people and blow stuff up. The Rugrats are currently in hiding, occasionally coming out for a Nazi bombing raid. They are also jerks.


The Rugrats were first formed by Vendetta Williams when she realized the UnAmericans were being led by a complete idiot in 1808. She gathered the greatest Nazi infants she could find, and cast a spell on them that made them babies forever. Then, she trained them in warfare.

After the death of Williams, Hitler took over, and took control of the Rugrats. During the War of 1812, the Rugrats were vital to German survival. They fought bravely, but eventually lost a brave warrior. It turned out, he just got hungry and left, but they didn't know that. The Rugrats went into hiding shortly after.

The Rugrats made their famous return during the War of 2012. Almost every member of the Rugrats showed up to fight for their great country of Germany. After this very short war, the Rugrats once again went their separate ways. It is assumed they will not come back for another 200 years.


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