Ruggut with his odd fur, as usual.

Gender: Male
Hair color: Fuchsia, oh, and by the way, thats fur to you!


Eye color: Black
Species: Teletubby
Home: The vents of the Home Dome
Education: None?
UnRank: 500

Ruggut is the ninth original Teletubby (after Teepo.) He is the third good Teletubby that isn't a member of The Good Teletubbies. (After Mumu and Eho.) He has a crown shaped antenna and his fur sometimes grows on his face and screen. He calls himself, "The Great Leader" yet is strongly denied to not be the leader. He is also fuchsia colored.

He is currently hiding in the system of vents in the ceiling of the Home Dome, spying on all the Teletubbies as they plan there outlandish schemes and wreck havoc, and then reports them to Eobah, Eho II and Mumu II, the four have planned to escape to Nice Teletubbyland for a getaway, or if your Ruggut, a home, but Noo-Noo usually finds the plans and eats them, to show the Teletubbies there plans, some say that the Teletubbies are scanning all of Teletubby Land in search of this crew, but Eho II and Mumu II live at Captain 0 Land, so they shouldn't worry, right?


  • Ruggut is the last good original Teletubby still alive and not recarnated.
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