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She looks innocent. but like her boyfriend, she's a fucking demon. RUN.

Ronnie-Anne Santiago is Lincoln Loud’s girlfriend and the leader of a gang known as The Casagrandes. She is also a minion of her boyfriend’s organization, known as The Loud House.


Ronnie-Anne was created billions of years ago along with the other Casagrande and Santiago siblings by Giygas, who wanted his own evil eldritch army to rival Zalgo’s Loud Siblings. Like the Louds, she ages very slowly, only once every few billion years.

One day, Ronnie-Anne moved to Royal Woods. She was programmed by Giygas to try to take down any Louds she saw, so she fought the first Loud she could find: Lincoln. However, Lincoln managed to groom brainwash Ronnie into not only becoming one of his minions, but also becoming his girlfriend. That’s the power of Flex Seal being ZALGO’s son for you.

Ronnie-Anne is quite similar to her boyfriend, being a respawnable Eldritch demon who feasts on human souls. The only difference is that she’s allegedly a “girl”, but neither of them have any real means of reproduction anyway, so that’s a moot point.

A few years after she met Lincoln, Ronnie and Bobby’s side of the “family” (aka the Santiagos) moved in with the rest of their “family” (aka the Casagrandes) in Great Lakes City, Ohio, so that they could form an “expansion team” for the Loud House crime organization. This new organization was called The Casagrandes, and shortly after, they managed to recruit their first minion, Sid Chang. The Casagrandes aren’t as dangerous as the Loud House organization, but they’re still pretty dangerous, and have already made Great Lakes City one of the worst parts of Ohio to live in. (Not like the rest of Ohio is any better.)

As of 2019, The Casagrandes also have their own propaganda cartoon, made by the same Taiwanese sweatshop that makes their parent organization's propaganda cartoon.