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Ronald McDonald
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Ronald McDonald and his Japanese clones
Ronald McDonald is a redhead clown who is in the fast food business. He owns McDonald's. He is a member of the UnMarioWiki Mascots. He has appeared as a boss in all of the Mario RPG games. He is the commander in chief of the McArmy. He is encountered by going to McDonald's, and finding out their recipe— 1-up mushrooms. Ronald will get mad and say "IM LOVING IT" in every game. In the battlefield, he attacks by throwing Hamburgers at the player. He also appears as an unlockable player in all of the Mario Mart games, and has the greatest speed with the red Shopping Cart. He also appears in Super Ronald Galaxy, and Super Ronald Galaxy 2 where he is the main character. He also has his own version of Never Gonna Give You Up called McRoll'd, which strangely doesn't sound like anything related to the lest song. He and his Japanese Clones also say "RAN RAN RU!" while making odd motions with his hands.
Ran Ran Ru

Ran Ran Ru

Ran Ran Ru by Ronald McDonald in 1998. In 2008, ten years later, it was uploaded to YouTube, becoming the first documented Ronald McDonald Insanity.

He is well-known for his heroic deed. He helped hostages that were hostaged by a terrorist organization known as the Bad people led by Bowser.

He was also a hero when he stood up for all the fast-food restraunts against the Satanic terrorist organization, PETA, who make humans vegans to use as their ingredient in human-stuffed rolls and pies, why, they only eat humans, 'cause their damn aliens! Ronald has also appeared in the super succesful Shame, Mario Tag where he is the 3rd fastes character, after Conker T. Squirrel, and the fastest, Cyber-Dee.

According to non-proven studies, 97% of American kids recognize his face. There is an alledged statement by Burger King that states that McDonald uses Idiot Manipulation on kids by forcing them to make the gray skies go away by saying "HA HA HA HA HA".

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