"You're gonna get tanoshii'd." BOOOOOOYAAAAA!

Not to be confused with Ron, a Japanese Mahjong move.

Ron is a giant praying mantis that lives in the desert. His current whereabouts are unknown, but it is believed that he is dead. We would send some people to search Hell, but Nobody really cares about Ron, so we're not going to waste the time or resources. Instead, we'll search for the Lost Treasure of Patrick Star.


Ron was first born to Arthur and Molly Insect. They changed their last name to Weasley the day he was born for unknown reasons. He grew up being told he was a wizard, when he was in fact a muggle, the natural enemy of a wizard. He was eventually sent off to some wizarding school to learn about magic, even though he didn't have any.

While at this school, he met Harry Potter, and they became friends. He also met some know-it-all named Hermione, but she is scared of bugs, and cursed him. He spent the next several years trying to stop this dude that calls himself Voldemort.

After graduating, he moved to A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away, because Harry realized he was one of the "evil" muggles. He eventually got a slave, just because he likes bossing people around. This slave was named Darth Vader, but he called him Ani, just to be a jerk. This slave was also four years old, just to be a bigger jerk.

After several years, some old man came, and freed Darth. Ron swore his revenge, but Harry then walked up, and supposedly killed Ron on the spot. There are also rumors that the slave grew up, and slayed him with his fancy laser sword. We don't know which.

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