Roly Mo

Roly Mo is a stripy mole who lives in Fimble Valley. He is very smart and intelligent. He is very good at story-telling.


Nobody Knows about his history and nobody asks him because he appears to be old because of his voice. The only one thing people heard of him about it is that I Was originally a grandpa of Somebody Then I Got turned into a mole and rolled all the way to the valley. after he said that, he went to find a story for the fimbles.

Personality and Life

Roly likes to sleep, When the fimbes aren't wanting a story. Pom always wants to listen to stories with Roly. He also is friends with Bessie and Rockit because Bessie is his wife while Rockit is his son. That's right, Roly is Rockit's father. Rockit always gets calls from him telling him that roly needs Rockit to come early in the morning at 6 o'clock. Roly also enjoys reading books himself. He lives in a library like I.M. Meen except Roly's not stupid like he is.

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