Not to be confused with the Rocket that zooms through the sky, or Rokit, the Mixel.



Rockit is a frog that plays with the Fimbles


Rockit was originally just a usual frog in Sesame Street. That's why he looks like a muppet. However, he ran away as he couldn't take Elmo's stupid decisions. He went into Fimble Valley. He Saw the fimbles and went up to them. Rockit introduced himself to Fimbo who was the first person who saw Rockit. Fimbo introduced Rockit to Florrie and Baby Pom and they became friends. Rockit saw a hole in the grass and asked Hello? .a mole named Roly Mo heard him and introduced himself to Rockit. Rockit did the same to Roly and they became friends too.

One day, Fimbo got the fimbling feeling and found a maraca. He showed it to Rockit. Rockit decided to decorate it and this is how Fimbo got his Shimmy Shaker.


Rockit enjoys to bounce around fimble valley. But this distracts Florrie from painting. Then Florrie always kills Rockit but he always respawns.He also likes to hangout with Fimbo often. They do lots of stuff such as Dance, Kill somebody together and when fimbo finds something, he always shows it to Rockit. Rockit also wants to get the fimbling feeling, as he saw Fimbo getting it and thought it was very exciting!!. Thankfully, recently Florrie found a stripey cushion to put on Rockit's tummy so he can be a fimble too. Eventually, He got the fimbling feeling and found a bomb that blew up Fimble Valley. Fortunately, he and everyone else survived. He was very happy that he got the fimbling feeling. Rockit wants to be a sailor when he grows up.When Florrie tried to kill him for the 144th time, He called the Police. she got thrown in The German Prison.


Today, Rockit spends most of his time bouncing and getting killed by Florrie along-side Fimbo.

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