Po's serious now!

Rocking THE HOUSE DOWN is the 47th episode of Teletubbies, in this Christmas special, Po gets an electric guitar for Christmas, and uses it to rock the the Tubby Tower down!


It's Christmas day, and the Teletubbies open their presents, Dipsy gets a AK-47, Laa-Laa gets new cooking tools, Tinky Winky gets an ugly sweater just in spite of him, and Po gets an electric guitar, so she hooks it up to a subwoofer, and plays some notes. The rest of the Teletubbies applaud, but notice a small bit of debris then falls off of the ceiling, which Noo-Noo cleans up. Po then proceeds to play a melody of C is for Cookie, Hajime's Ballad Towards Toka, Friday, some Static-X, and ends with Let It Po, which she also sings.

During the madness, the ceiling begins to cave in, Noo-Noo Asplodes, air raid sirens begin sounding (during the Friday bit) and for the finale, many subwoofers, megaphones, microphones, sound amplifiers, and goth rock decorations emerge from the ground, by the time she is done, all life in Teletubby Land gets decimated, the Tubby Tower becomes a pile of dush and ashes, The Magic Windmill has toppled over via the soundwaves, and the electric guitar becomes broken beyond compare, we then smash cut to Captain 0 Land, where Captain 0 notes, "It's them again, isn't it?".


Parents hate this episode because it was so loud that their ear drums imploded, it's even louder than the reboot's Filler episode, where Dipsy listens to extremely loud Dubstep.


  • The Teletubbies note to have been disturbed by this episode's climax, as it's uncannily similar to what happened to the land after a certain event.
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