The Robotnik Kids looking down on somebody, like always.

Well, there's something I can agree with them on!!

The Robotnik Kids were the first ever underling members of the Robotnik Family. Serving under Papa Robotnik, they acted simultaneously as butlers, torturers, assassins, and slaves for Papa Robotnik, and created Robotnik Sr. after Papa's death. They were killed by a lab explosion.


The Robotnik Kids were created by Papa Robotnik using bio-engineering in 1431 in Robotnik Mansion. They were created with telepathy and "military perfection", so they always walked around together, and spoke in unison. For about 27 years, they spent their lives walking around like subhuman robots doing whatever Papa said, no matter how dumbass or destructive it was.

In 1486, when Papa was killed by Mario's great grandfather, Mario Panciera, they used his  genetic engineering equiptment and notes to create Robotnik Sr. and some other loser. Though Papa's notes meant they were able to get a satisfyingly evil result with Robotnik Sr., the machinery used was still Victorian, and so Robotnik Sr. Had no visible, ears, and looked, well, like a fat wierdo. Though the Robotnik kids later tried to create an even better result, the genetic engineering machinery exploded, killing them.


  • By eating Weekend Pickles, they could become a more powerful version of themselves called Robotnik Kids Unbound, who could all walk and talk individually.
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