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Robotnik Jr./III

Robotnik Jr. (aka Robotnik III) is the son (not confirmed information) of Dr. Robotnik.


Soviet Russia

Robotnik Jr./III was born in Soviet Russia. But suddenly his granny was removed from The German Prison due her insanity and All Dr. Robotnik's/Robotnik II's Soviet Russia are belong to Momma Robotnik. So because of mess happened in Russia he moved to California. There Robotnik Jr. met Nintendo Wizards, Terminators and many scientists.


There Robotnik Jr. finished high school but he failed to pass college exams. Because of this he was forced to join Dr. Robotnik, who took over Mobius.

With Dr. Robotnik

Robotnik Jr. was not smart enough to become father's second-in-command so he currently tries to catch Sonic (without S.S.S.S.S.S.).


  • Nobody knows about his mother.
  • Possibly he is a robot.
  • He was Pwned by Arnold Sсhwarzenegger.