The Robotnik Family is the evilest, vilest, most despicable family to ever walk the Earth, or any other planet for that matter. They were formed from the roots of evil itself, and then became even eviler. After that, they took a ten minute break, then kept being evil. (Just not to bunnies. They like bunnies.)

The Robotnik family was first formed when Papa Robotnik decided to make a new family in 1424. He decided to call it Robotnik (Babbleish for robots are awesome, and you aren't). He created the Robotnik Kids using genetic engineering, and they were the first Robotniks. They later created Robotnik Sr. and some other loser. The next generation consisted of Dr. Robotnik (who was actually Joseph Stalin's son, but Momma Robotnik took him in and changed his name because she saw the evil power in him), RobotnikClause, and Dr. Eggman. These three were some of the most infamous villains ever known.


Generation 1

Generation 2

Generation 3

Generation 4

Generation 5

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