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He walk the walk!

Robot Donkey Kong (also known as Metal Head Donkey Kong) is, well, what else other than a robot clone of the leader of the bunch. He is made of metal and... uhhh.... is made of more metal. He does have a Toaster for a cranium, so he can shoot electricity. Robot Donkey Kong is the big buddy of Robot Diddy Kong. Robot Donkey Kong has blue eyes and all the strength of the real Donkey Kong. The dude does stumble a lot.

Robot Donkey Kong was created soon after Robot Diddy Kong by Dipsy, a Furby and Alt 2.0, with the intent of him being a juggernaut in the Teletubby Army and the mighty glacier to Robot Diddy Kong's fragile speedster. Even having to make his head a toaster with Bread still inside didn't harm the finishing product. The two robots were very egotistical, however, they didn't take lightly to their opinion of being the best robots in the army being challenged. The two robots killed many other robots in the Teletubby Army until Dipsy used his old Robobot Armor to punch them away.

Robot Donkey Kong and Robot Diddy Kong landed on Zing Isle, where The ZingZilla Band, some other big name CBeebies workers, were living at. They quickly allowed the two mecha monkeys to join them. Basically, the Teletubbies' plan sorta worked out.

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