Robloxians (Scientific name Cubihomomimus cylindricrania) are a blocky race that lives in Robloxia. They look like a Lego but strangely, Minecraft is the one that is considered to be a Lego rip-off and not Roblox. Anyone has a costume of a guy like Mario, Luigi, Samus, copy of a robloxian, etc.. And the only one brave robloxian race guy was Builderman, a perfect building creator and the god of Robloxia.

His nemesis was the non-robloxians, the giant or medium models almost realistic, monsters, and zombies. The race was introduced in Medieval year 1383, which wall pieces combines into toy blocks, and forms them into human-like figures into robloxians, later some of the robloxians were attacked by Po in 1574. Almost all robloxians won the battle in 1610, and in Industrial age 1815, they tell that Beadon may attack UnWorld at 1826, then this event happen for real, meanwhile in Space year 2388, the robloxians starts a fourth war in space, fighting with Peep, after the war, Peep begins to die when N.S.O.R.'s bullet collides to his eyes. And the robloxian races was over when humanity was over. But out of the ashes, a YouTuber from the real world named "DanTDM" created a Roblox video and it revived the Robloxian race! The only problem was bad games and the fact that one half of the race had bacon for hair, one quarter we're girls with girl-bacon for hair, and then about one quarter were the surviving but dying "Oldfags", as they call themselves. Nobody knows for sure the fate of Robloxians.

Example of a robloxian, Builderman

Stevediaz4567, another example of a Robloxian


  • The noobs/robloxians has made a spaceship named N.S.O.R. (Noob Spaceship Orbital Razor), to destroy the enemies.
  • Robloxian is a playable character in Roblox, an online game.
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