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ROBLOX - Game Trailer

the Roblox trailer. Because it’s so old (from 2007) the shame is very different now from what it is here.

Roblox (pronounced Raw-Blawcks [rɔːˈblɒks], often stylized as Rōblox) is an MMO shame known for its a Lego-esque design.

The shame was first opened to the public in 1997. It struggled up until 2005, where ever since that shame has been going strong.


as you might’ve guessed by the Lego aesthetic, this shame is very much a “do-it-yourself shame”.

When you download the shame, it comes with the “Roblox player” and the “Roblox studio”. The player is the bit of software the game is actually played through, but the studio allows you to make custom 3 dimensional maps using Roblox's tools.

It even allows you to use programming (in LUA) to make more advance things that wouldn’t be possible with just vanilla Roblox.

This leads to some amazing shames that rival that of some big budget triple-A studios!


As previously mentioned, the shame launched in 1997, but it’s origins go back to 1989.

Before becoming pay to win (kinda)

In 1989, Roblox cofounder and current CEO David Bazucki created a bit of software called interactive toybox. The software was designed for university students studying physics. David and his friend Erik Cassel decided to expand upon this and turn it into a shame.

8 years later, they release Roblox to the public, under the name “Dynablocks” (pronounced Dine-uh-Blawcks [ˈdʌɪnəˈblɒks]).

6 years later, in 2003, they briefly change the name to Go-blocks, before finally setting on Roblox in 2004.

In 2006 or 2007 they hire their first employee, John Shedletsky who became the creative director of the shame until 2014 when he quit.

Oh, and then Erik died & David pretty much destroyed the shame by making it pay to win (kind of).

Ever since then the shame has really really gone down hill.

After becoming pay to win (kinda)

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