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Robbie Rotten

Robbie Rotten, on a typical day.

Robbie Rotten is an evil guy who is lazy, although he creates lotsa inventions. He hates Children having fun and wants to kill them with a AK-47.

He also impersonated another loser named Patchy the Pirate.


Robbie was born in a A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away. He lived in an apartment at the age of 20, but there was too much children making noise. He moved to Lazytown thinking it was a quiet place. He then regretted moving when children started playing and making noise, but he still stays there. He invented his own lair where he has peace and Quiet. He then met Sportacus and wanted to kill him. He then PWNed him with a Magnum.


He enjoys eating lotsa Cake. He Watches What is going on above his lair through his periscope. Most of the time, he watches Stingy claiming stuff, but he doesn't mind that. He is Awesome Guy's best friend, making him become awesome and all.


-He is number one

-He claims to have invented evil, but this is not true. Dr. Robotnik (he’s hundreds of years old) invented evil years before Robbie was even born.

- He once caused an entire city to become obese and everyone inthe town died.

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