He is so evil!

Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown-Blue
Eye color: Black-Blue
Species: Demon
Home: Hell
Death: Getting squashed
AKA: Bad Mario

Evil Mario Anti-Mario Malleo Wannabe

Likes: Beating people up
Dislikes: Meeting Malleo
Education: He thinks the answer to every math problem is "Pop-Tart"
Occupation: Demon
Known For: Being bad
UnRank: 42

Roami is an evil version of Mario. He wishes to be like Malleo someday. The Devil gave birth to him after Discord fed him some cheese. He is blue because Mario is red and Roami wants to be different. He tried to kill Luigi one day by feeding him some Pert but Luigi said no and just ate his pie. He hopes to be famous for killing Mario someday.

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