Rip Off mostly known as Rip-OFF is an epic Anime TV Series that premiered in 1945 and is still continuing on to this day. The show is about a boy named Rip-Off (That's not a nickname, tha's his actual name) who steals from his momma and is now hunted by the Police and the Government. On the way, he gets mega powerful with his alter ego and begins beating the crap out of his villians.

Seasons 1-30 (Original Mega Turbo Series)

The First 30 seasons were made by a stupid company called Mega Turbo. But as luck would have it, the series did very well. In fact these seasons are still to this day the best of the series as most fans say.

These seasons had a pretty basic formula. Every episode, Rip-OFF would go to a different town in search of a mystical orb that can go back in time, yet everytime Rip-OFF is about to catch the orb, or is close to the location, Rip-OFF gets caught by Government and/or cops. Rip-OFF then transforms into his alter ego, Monstar! Then after some major butt whooping, the law flees as Rip-OFF disappears.

(Though season 5 had Rip-OFF have control of his alter ego and introduced Montsar's utility belt which gave him gadgets.)

Seasons 31-60 (The Lamo/Mega Turbo teamup)

After 30 seasons, the TV people demanded the show be censored. (The show was once for kids but it was soon rated an adult show for being so violent and actiony) Mega Turbo decided to team up with another show called Lamo. (Though they should've known the show was gonna go downhill.)

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