A Ring is a special kind of round, doughnut-shaped object. It can be found in vast quantities around the Sonic Islands and was featured in an epic novel called The Lord Of The Rings.

A typical Ring, found on the Sonic Islands.

Types of Rings

  • Normal Rings: The kind that Sonic collects on a daily basis. Rumored to be the source of his speed.
  • Warp Rings: Like normal Rings, but much larger. They serve as portals to the Special Stage, where the Chaos Emeralds are stored.
  • The One Ring: The only Ring that cannot be found on the Sonic Islands. Contains ancient writing in the Elvish language, and can turn its wearer invisible. It was destroyed in the fires of Mount Doom.
  • Halo: A special Ring that is different from the rest. It floats in space, and was created by the Ancient Geeks. It was later rediscovered by Master Chief, a space marine. It can fire Shoop da Whoops.

Appearance in Shames (And Other Media)

Sonic Shames

Rings have appeared in numerous shames, mostly about Sonic the Hedgehog himself. They first debuted in Sonic the Hedgehog -1, where they appeared in a useless bonus game. After that, they were promoted to actual items in the game, which Sonic would collect as power-ups.

Halo Shames

A different kind of Ring, known as a Halo, appeared in the eponymous Halo shames. It debuted in Halo: Combat Devolved, where it was discovered and carelessly blown up by Master Chief. It has appeared in almost every Halo shame since.

The Lord Of The Rings

A special kind of Ring, known as the One Ring, appeared in this book as a plot device. It is magical, and can render its wearer invisible. It was destroyed at the very end, due to the fires of Mount Doom.


  • Rings are magical, and allegedly consist of Chaos Energy.
  • Halos can fire Shoop da Whoops, which have enough power to decimate a comet.
  • Rings are often given by humans as presents, most often when a wedding is taking place.
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