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Rigby character.png
I'm gonna fix it!
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Black
Species: Raccoon
Home: house
Likes: Fixing things, junk and fast food, video games, being a bodyless green freak
Dislikes: Scary movies, not doing things his own way, punchies
Education: *laughs*
Occupation: Guarding the Park
Known For: For being a huge slob
UnRank: 80
" Ham-boning will save your life someday! "
" Mordecai I can fix it!!! "

Rigby is a talking cartoon racoon. His best friend is called Mordecai He is very excited and doesn't seem to know what he is doing and likes to do things in his own way. Strangely he can magic wierd monsters out of any sort of machine, meat cabinet or inbetween a game. He is known to take his friends into weird places. He is so weak that Mordecai onced punched him in the ass and gave him three buttcheeks.

Early Life

He was born in the wild as a regular, non-talking raccoon in Raccoon City. He got bored of his life so he attempted suicide but he was only in a fatal but stable condition after taking too much stuff. He discovered life in the city but didn't have enough money for anything in town. On the way to the nearest Blockbuster, he met the ShameHobo, a shames reviewer, previewer and tester. He lived in a cardboard box so Rigby found a nearby dustbin and made his home. The Shamehobo showed him all his consoles, like the Nintendo Entertainment System. He didn't just rate for Nintendo, he reviewed for Sony as well. Crash Bandicoot visited the town and met Rigby. He called him Rigbone for some strange reason and gave the shamehobo some games to test, then he left. One day, he met a blue jay called Mordecai. He wanted to help him, like in the Good Samaritan as he was doing his R.E. courses for his A-levels. He met the ShameHobo, then played his games with Rigby and him, and got really addicted. They got on well together so they decided to give their farewells to the ShameHobo and they decided to go job hunting.


He works as a groundskeeper for an annoying boss called Benson. He and Mordecai have to clean up the park and around the house, sometimes around the UnVerse.


  • Rigby's other housemates are Skips, Pops, Muscle Man and High-five Ghost whom have their own annoying personality.
  • He once started a fake band, then the future Mordecai and Rigby appeared.
  • One day Rigby wants to kill Ronald McDonald with a pile of cheese.
  • He and Mordecai have the power to combine milk and cereal together.