Rick Astley

The greatest singer since Zeus himself.

Cquote1 Never gonna give you up! Never gonna let you down! Cquote2
Rick's pledge of godship

Rick Astley was a guy who makes music. He is often considered to be the god of music. That's because he is the god of music. Rick Astley's music is arguably the greatest music that has ever been created ever. He is responsible for the godly masterpiece of a symphony known as Never Gonna Give You Up. He is also the creator of Rick Rolls.

Rick Astley is a god that lives in Pac-Land for some reason. He sings for all of the other gods in hopes of being accepted some day. He is also a specialist in the Vuvuzela. Astley is also known for nearly dominating the world. He is so famous he even made a guest appearance in the Teletubbies episode Dipsy Gets RickRoll'd.

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