Richard Watterson
RichardNightmareFace 3022
Lol! He's so
Gender: Male ♂
Hair color: Do ears count???
Eye color: Black
Species: Rabbit
Home: Turkey
Death: Sometime away from now.
AKA: Lazy rabbit
Likes: Doing nothing
Dislikes: Moving
Education: VERY VERY LOW!!!
Occupation: Doing nothing
Known For: Being the #1 in the top 42 laziest things on the planet.
UnRank: 0.1

Richard Watterson is the father of Darwin Watterson and Gumball Watterson. He is well-known for his laziness and dumbness.

Why is he stupid and lazy?

He is stupid and lazy because of his mother. He's mother is so overprotective that he grew up stupid and lazy. Some people don't care that he is dumb because they say that he is still awesome and cute. But if you ask me, he is not cute. He is just plain awesome. And dumb.

Darwin Watterson

When Darwin was still a fish, Richard flushed him in the toilet because he is dumb. Darwin grew at Bikini Bottom and was raised by Squidward Tentacles. Darwin is now currently living at Elmore and is planning to take over the world.


He is fat, lazy, dumb and pink. He is wearing a business suit even if he is not working. He's dumbness and color resembles to a starfish named Patrick Star.

Despite his dumb attitudes he also have a good attitudes. Yeah. Something like being lazy. Yeah! :3 

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