all this does is squeak.

Ribble is Bessie the Bird's fluffy orange chick. with a lavender beak. He Cant really speak as he always squeaks but For some reason, Bessie understands what he says. HE IS NOT A FURBY.


Ribble was born to Bessie when he came out of an egg. Ribble was the last person to be born in the valley, and met Baby Pom for the first time. Pom started to push Ribble in her trundle truck, he liked it. When he Met Fimbo Fimbo mistook him as a Crumble Cracker, and ate him in one gulp. Fimbo then ate lotsa other junk like Spaghetti and Pizza and Chocolate. Then he pooped Ribble out along with other pieces of crap. He then stood on him, thinking he was a teddy. Florrie then came and saw that Fimbo was standing on Ribble, and kicked him in the testacles. Florrie told Bessie about Fimbo and Bessie shot fimbo.  Rockit met Ribble and became friends and Rockit accidentally did a bounce onto his face. Fimbo soon became friends with him, realizing it was a chick, not a cracker or teddy. Bessie Now lives with him at the bubble fall in Bessie's nest.

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