Rexy is an utter idiot. He is on the wanted page in this wiki and has been caught several times. He was also kicked out of the show Caillou when it was cancelled, but information on his past before then remains unknown.

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Caught on Tape photo of him trying to hack the UnAnything Wiki website.

Personal life

In 2013, he discovered the UnAnything Wiki and decided to hack the website as an act of revenge on the people who cancelled the Caillou show. He would even make rude and dirty comments on other users of the UnAnything Wiki, but most of his comments have been deleted.

List of insults he made

  • "Luigi is a stupid annoying borther, all he does is use a vacum and can't talk, what a shame he is."
  • "Wario is a stupid guy, all he does is stink and torture Waluigi."
  • "Oh borther, there's no such thing as shames, change it to games or else i will delete this article!!!!!"
  • "Peach is so stupid too, shes like help help without trying to get out herself!"

List of insulting plans he planned

  • Blowing up Wario's body
  • Killing one of the UnAnything Wiki employees
  • Destroy Peach and Peach's Castle
  • Ruin the UnAnything Wiki
  • Kidnapping all of the workers at UnAnything Wiki
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