Revenge of the Frost Dimension's False Ruler is episode 1 of season 2 in UnAnything: The Series about WaBlack Frost escaping prison and returning, then gets beat up by Shaggy Rogers for some reason.

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Mario Bros Intro

Mario Bros Intro

The secret warp drain WaBlack Frost used.

When WaBlack Frost was sent to WaJail, he convinced a warden to give him the keys. After doing this all the prisoners were freed. After escaping he asked some Giant Isopods for help, but for the price they get doritos. WaBlack Frost didn't have any UnDollars at the time so he couldn't afford their help. But that didn't matter since he found what plumbers call "the secret warp zone while working on the drain" to get back to the Frost Dimension.
King frosty

King Frost while on vacation.

After he returned and re-assembled the Frost Forces, he began to seize control over the Frost Dimension again. A group of Jack Frosts tried to run away from his soldiers but then got decapitated. The scene cuts to King Frost eating a Frosty at a Wendy's, to show he was on his royal vacation.

As it's been a week control by WaBlack Frost, King Frost finally returns and tells Shaggy that his nemesis is here. For unknown reasons, WaBlack Frost and Shaggy Rogers are mortal enemies. Nonetheless, he got a Roundhouse Kick to the Flat Zone never to be seen again by anyone except Mr. Game and Watch.

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