Revenge of chuck Norris
Revenge of Chuck Norris is the 40th episode in the Teletubbies (TV Series). In this episode, Chuck Norris destroys everything in Teletubby Land.


One day, Tinky Winky was watching Walker: Texas Ranger, and said, "how could that old fart, Chuck Norris, do anything anymore? He is over like 80 years old and he is fat, stupid, ugly, and definitely weak!" In Texas, Chuck Norris's Chuck Norris Senses were tingling! He knew Tinky Winky had insulted him. So, he flew to Teletubby land and hit the ground with his fist. Everything in the land was destroyed by an earthquake/explosion. Chuck Norris had killed everything in Teletubby Land. So Tinky Winky learned his lesson

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