Retarded Policeman

Fear the retardedness

The Retarded Policeman is a police officer with down syndrome who protects the L.A. area from crime and black people. He is officially rated as the 4th worst policeman in the entire UnWorld by Biased Ratings. He is currently in a rivalry with Officer Weirdo for who the better cop is, but both of them suck. The retarded policeman is currently on probation from policework due to an impending investigation involving harassment and drinking Kool Aid while on duty.

Retarded Policeman first got his job two years ago. It is believed the only reason he got his job was because he bribed his six-year-old boss with candee. Despite the fact that he has Asperger's and Down Syndrome, he still roams the streets to this day.

Retarded Policeman's YouTube Channel

Let the retardedness begin!


  • We do not condone or encourage retardedness.
  • We do not discriminate against those who may or may not be mentally retarded (unless it's funny).
  • Kool-Aid is not alcoholic.
  • We respect police officers and would never say anything bad about those idiots.
  • Black people don't always commit crimes. Only sometimes.
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