Nemesis Shame

Resident Evil Nemesis: Mushroom Kingdom is the second Nemesis Shame in the series of Resident Evil: Nemesis.


The Nemesis has been deployed into the Mushroom Kingdom by Sony to kill as many people as possible.


The game runs on a point based system. For example, Toads are worth ten points a kill, and Yoshis are worth 50 points. In each of the four levels, one of the four bosses will appear. Defeating them gives you enough points to move onto the next level. Here are the levels:

  • Uptown
  • Downtown
  • Peach Park
  • The Castle

The bosses appear in the following order:

There are several attacks that can be preformed. You can shoot your rocket launcher, you can preform a vein swipe attack, a kick attack, a punch attack, and a choke hold/head smash.

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