Resident Evil: Nemesis is the third Resident Evil Shame. It is considered one of the best horror Shames of all time. Squadala Ratings praises the game for its plot, originality, and characters.


The Shame takes place in Raccoon City, as zombies created by the Umbrella Corporation are devouring everyone. The Shame begins when the main character, Jill Valentine escapes a building before it explodes. Then she goes to the Raccoon City Police Department's police station. On there, you meet the Nemesis, who had just killed Brad Vickers right in front of you. You then go through the police station, get a trolley working, go to a click tower, a hospital, a park, and a factory before escaping the town right before BOOM! hits the city. During the entire shame, you encounter the Nemesis.


CaptainNonsense on RE3

Cquote1 Resident Evil 3, let me tell you 'bout that game and what it did to me. You see, the game came out in 1999, and I was born in 1997. My mom got it from Blockbuster probably around 2000 or 2001. She played it quite frequently, and I watched. I watched her play through all the way up to the RCPD station. That is when my nightmares would be forever haunted by [b]Nemesis[/b]. Seeing that thing kill Brad Vickers was one of the most horrifying experiences of my childhood, at the time. It just got worse and worse from there. I continued to watch her play through the police station, i was continually frightened by Nemesis pounding on the door. I was scared the whole time she went through the station, i probably should have stopped watching her play it, but i didn't, which would prove to be a mistake when Nemesis crashed through the window. I do not remember my reaction at the time, but it surely must have been enough to convince my mom not to play RE3 around me, unfortunately, one night a few months later when my mom wasn't home, her ex decided to play RE3, and made me watch as he played through it. It was horrifying and mentally scarring. One of the most vivid things that stick out in my mind is Nemesis crashing through the church ceiling, looking like one scary ass piece of s**t. He had been all bruised up from a fight with Carlos, and so his armor was ripped up and he had wounds and worst of all, these tentacle vein things! My god, this may sound like a lie, but sadly it's not, I never slepped in my room alone again, and I never would until early into grade school. For years I had nightmares about this game, and every time I saw it in my video game holder, I cringed. Back when we still and the container I was afraid to look at it, the box art alone scared me. The year 2012 rolled around, I was 15, had time to kill before leaving for school at 7:30 or so, (I always played for a good 30 minutes or so without my parents knowing in the morning) and needed a new game to play because I was bored of playing [i]Driver[/i], so I decided to conquer my lingering fears and play RE3. It was amazing some of the details that still stood out to me all of these years, such as the intro where the SWAT team shoots at zombies, and the part where Dario locks himself in a box. I played through the city, had some scares, but finally arrived at the police station. Seeing Nemesis again got so much adrenaline running through my body, in fact, I could have probably lifted a truck with all of the adrenaline going through my body! I got in the police station and was in edge the whole time. Wen he jumped through the window, I ended up screaming HOLY S**T and almost busted into tears. I tried to kill him with my weapons, but of course as a later learned, your weapons have the same affect on him as a squirt gun on a tank. So I just ran away from him. I kept running and running. Every time he appeared I started shaking with fear. As soon as I heard the music change and heard him say STARS, I did what ever it took t survive. (Writing about him is actually giving me the creeps right now!) I finally add it to the church, I encountered him on the roof top and shocked him, but of course he followed me, but I lost him. I got the clock tower to work, and another frightening memory surfaced, seeing him blow up the rescue chopper. It was so f**king scary to fight him too. I died several times trying t fight him, but eventually I got it right and blasted the f**ker. So I went through the hospital, got back in the church, and was mortified when the ceiling began caving in at parts of the church. Then, the one ceiling cracked, and Nemesis crashed through, and he looked like one scary mother f**ker! Armor nearly destroyed, giant wounds, and his tentacle things, I was again shaking and brought to tears. So I ran away, gave Jill her meds, exited the room, only to have Nemesis blow up a door and chase me through the church, I got to the park, blasted the undead shit out of a worm, and then came to a bridge. I started crossing it, only to have Nemesis follow me into it. So I ran to the end of the bridge and cut it, he fell down some bottomless pit, and I proceeded to enter Umbrella's Factory. I went through it, shaking the whole time, of course. After I solved the hardest f**king puzzle known to man, I encountered Nicholi, only to hear him scream and to see his body hanging from the ceiling, his eyes were white and he was covered in blood. It was horrifying, and to know that Nemesis was probably behind the next door was even worse. I entered the next room, and encountered him. He was still scary as all hell! I started firing my grenade launcher at him, with some effect. I eventually realized I had to shoot these gas pipes and hurt him with that. I was able to knock him down and kill him, disposing of him in a pile of other hellish creatures. I went through the rest of the factory, only to learn that a missile was about to strike, so I had to sprint all throughout the base. I got to this room of dead monsters and marines, and a cutscene began. It showed the whole factory going ape shit, and then it showed all of the bodies of the hellish creatures, including Nemesis's going into a vat if some sort of radioactive liquid that caused his body to become fused with the other creatures, thus spawning one of the craziest, most horrifying final bosses ever! It was the most adrenaline filled boss battle I had ever experienced. I was racing against the clock to turn on a power source to a rail gun so that I could finally kill it. After a heart stopping fight that left it in a weakened state, i was presented with a choice, run to the chopper or finish it, so I decided that the only way to conquer my fear was to kill this thing, once and for all! Jill picked up a magnum and delivered one of the greatest lines I had ever heard in any video game. "You want STARS? I'll show you STARS!" She then proceeded to finally kill it. She and Carlos flew away as the city was nuked. Seeing the city destroyed brought a great sense of relief to me, as I knew that I had conquered a fear that haunted me for nearly 10 years. I cried tears of joy that day, knowing that I had finally triumphed over my greatest fear. Cquote2
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