Cquote1 Y'all youkai all gonna get a good taste of FREEDOM!! Cquote2
Reimu Hakurei whilst cosplaying as a 'MURICAN
Hakurei Reimu

Reimu Hakurei, about to conquer Gensokyo

Gender: Female
Hair color: Black, Brown, Purple? I forgot!
Eye color: brown
Species: Human
Home: Gensokyo
Death: Still alive
AKA: Shrine maiden of EVIL
Likes: kicking ass
Dislikes: All dem youkai
Education:  ????????//??
Occupation: Shrine maiden, youkai EXTERMINATOR, activist against non-human civil rights

Reimu Hakurei is a crazy person who is a human from the evil land of Gensokyo. She owns and operates the dreaded Hakurei Shrine, which now nearly has a monopoly on the religion business over there. Reimu is a racist against youkai and regularly goes out at night and kills them in massive numbers. She has the ability of boundary manipulation, which sounds really boring but apparantly it is a godlike power that grants one godlike abilities (ex: manipulating the boundary of life and death, kill someone by thinking about it) However, she, like most people, are too stupid to understand the power's true extent and how much good it could do the world.


Reimu Hakurei was born probably in the slums of Gensokyo, where she read crappy books on the anatomy of Toads. Finding the anatomy of toads quite boring, she decided to read a 100000 page book called Propaganda "Everything in this book is 100% true". A book about racism that she found quite interesting. Judging the book by its cover, Reimu to the propaganda to heart and decided to become a racist, however, racism was banned, which made her sad.

Ready to give up on being a racist, she moved out of the slums to avoid the annoyance of the Police telling her racism is banned. So she moved to the hills and became a shrine maiden of a random shrine, which became henceforth known as the Hakurei Shrine. After becoming the shrine maiden, Reimu was granted the power of the shrine's unnamed god. Apparently it was extremely powerful.

Rise to power

Using her newfound ability, Reimu set out on many adventures to become the greatest Pokemon trainer racist to ever live (and die). She killed Kikuri, police, troublesome youkai, Google employees, and Pokemon under the guise of "defending and preserving peace in Gensokyo".

With time, she became the unquestionable tyrant of Gensokyo, threatening people with death if they didn't obey. Reimu's reign became long and powerful, she declared war on the surrounding states, and launched a space program in an attempt to invade the Moon.

Fall from power

Eventually the people of Gensokyo, mostly Marisa Kirisame, Sanae Kochiya and various other gods got pissed because their daily newspaper got censored. Since some of the pissed off people were gods, they all raided the Hakurei Shrine and removed Reimu from power, she has been trying to retake power by launching terrorist attacks and committing hate crimes, but the attempts have failed thusfar.

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