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Captain Obvious on Regular Show

The Regular Show is a show created by Mordecai, Rigby and all of the dude gang. They couldn't find a channel to broadcast it so they signed a contract with the Teletubbies to air it on their channel and reruns of it can be seen on Crap Network.

Series 1


  • Mordecai is so pissed off with Rigby's nonsense so he says SHUT UP RIGBY!

2.Creepy Doll

  • A doll kills all of the dude gang.

3.Po is a beast!

  • Po kills Benson and Skips kills him with his fist.

4.Bye Bye Rigby!

  • Mordecai shoots Rigby for no apparent reason.

5.Not setting up the chairs next time

  • Mordecai and Rigby don't set up the chairs today so Pops chuck his record player at Benson

6.Muscle Man should lay off the fatty foods

  • Muscle Man stands on the grass, and falls while Mordecai thinks he's the sky.

7.Bad Role Models

  • The dude gang do all stupid things.

8.Pops vs The World

  • Pops tries to kill Chuck Norris but he pwns him so badly he became a Flats.

9.A Very Strange Day

  • Margaret and Mordecai attempt to get a fake marriage but the dude gang chuck poop at them.

10.The Spanish Chainsaw massacre

  • The dude gang try and kill the Spaniard but he pwns them all.

11.The bleeping day

  • Everyone bleeps in their language.

12.Politics on the Plate

  • The dude gang try to eat George W. Bush but Rigby wonders what Mordecai and Margaret are doing in the closet.

13.Meat your Baker

  • Pops goes to a bakery and asks for meatloaf but gets kicked in the ass by Benson.


  • Rigby gets a sledgehammer for Christmas so he smashes all the decorations.

15.Good Ol' Golf Kart

16. Mordecai Exploding!

  • Mordecai sees Margaret and his awkwardness makes him explode.

17. Fun with Guns, the Regular Way

  • The dude gang have fun with guns, and get shot by the Teletubbies.

18. Benson the Big Mouth

  • Benson kills Mordecai and Rigby, and fires them.

19. Your Hired

  • The Teletubbies get a job at Benson's park, then they set it on fire and Benson fires Mordecai and Rigby.

20. Memory Exceeded

  • The dude gang and others do too much stupid stuff there is lots of fire, explosions, blood and stuff.

21. DIE

  • Benson DIES, while Skips arm wrestles himself.

22. The Pain Inside Returns

  • Rigby listens to too much Suicide Silence and commits Suicide.

23. Fun with Guns, The Regular Way II

  • Benson kills everyone with guns.

24. Decapitated

  • Benson decapitates Pops, while Mordecai and Rigby cheese their Nachos.

25. Susan

  • A mad woman, Susan goes crazy and wrecks up the park.

26. Stupid Fat Elephant

  • The dude gang watch an elephant dance for the whole episode.

27. Rip-off kids

  • The Teletubbies kill the dude gang for ripping off their show.

28. Toast is fun

  • Rigby eats Toast for BREAKFAST! while Mordecai watches Death for Breakfast and doesn't eat BREAKFAST!

29. Creed suck, again

  • Pops listens to Creed, creating irreversible major brain trauma.

30. Rigby's Suicide

  • Rigby kills himself with a shotgun because, Mordecai finishes his pizza.

31. Chuck the Norris

  • Mordecai bashes Chuck Norris and he lands on the park, everything is on fire and Mordecai dies.

32. System of a true down

  • Rigby listens to lots of Nu-Metal, then he commits suicide.

33. Chilli today isn't it?

  • Mordecai faces The FE, but his mouth turns on fire.

34. Idiot Day

  • Mordecai and Rigby get a plak from Benson for being the stupidest people working in his park

35. SoundParken

  • Chris Cornell kills all the dude gang for playing Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden without his permission

36. Exit 10B

  • Once again, all the dude gang do unbelievably stupid stuff again involving a stuffed biped deer being fired out of a cannon and into the sun.

37. Good Ol' Sharten-Karten

  • Benson hires Po to work for his park, and they both buy the Sharten-Karten to run over all the dude gang.


  • Rigby doesn't feel so good and suddenly barfs up millions of CATS!!!


  • A Troll wrecks up the entire park.
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