Redneck Joe getting ready to kill.

Redneck Joe is a hunter that recently starred in the movie, UnOpen Season. He loves to act like a redneck and shoot animals. He was first hunting animals for fun until Morshu came up to him and now, Redneck Joe hunts animals and Morshu. He prefers to use his illegal Dinner Blaster to kill animals than his AK-47 or Rope. He used to live with Squadala Man on Squadala Island but he was so cool, Squadala Man kicked him out and banned him from the Squadala Empire.

He now believes it is his mission in life to kill animals before they invade cities like Squadala City and other cities. Ganon gave Redneck Joe the spot in his new movie, UnOpen Season, which made him rich and no longer is a redneck. He now lives happily in Ft. Lauderdale with his wife, WaPeach and 2 sons, Red Joe and Neck Joe and his best friend, Sarah Palin. He tries to warn people about how animals could kill us all but people are too worried about Weegee killing them instead of animals. He also made a cameo appearance in the game, Grand Theft Auto Redneck Lauderdale. He also has a phobia of green scalps and John McCain. He also created the group, The Rednex (similiar to the KKC) which hunts animals and is their leader.

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