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A summary of Reddit

Reddit is a rather infamous website on the Internet. It is the dwelling place of all the fedora-wearing neckbearded hipsters who hate all, try to follow Keanu Reeves, never leave Minecraft, and despise Children (and Fortnite) at unhealthy levels. It is also the less scary version of 4chan and the less freaky version of Tumblr, of which is its political Wa-Guy. Reddit is two quarters harmless. Reddit's headquarters are in Meme Island, but Reddit's influence has spread across the UnWorld.

Notable Subreddits

  • funny (where people post stuff that isn't funny)
  • askreddit (where people ask the same question every day)
  • pics (pictures of things that aren't cats)
  • aww (pictures of things that are cats)
  • todayilearned (where people post things that they learned on Wikipedia)
  • worldnews (where people post news about the world and how it effects UnAmerica)
  • iama (where the famous people live)
  • explainlikeimfive (where children ask questions)
  • wtf (Self explanatory)
  • Fifthworldproblems (???)
  • BanVideoGames (people trying to ban mispellings of "shame" but fail miserably)
  • CrappyDesign (Weird oversights in things that are actually pretty funny)
  • CrappyOffBrands (Things that are worthy of Category:Rip Offs, unless they are of **FALL GUYS** and **AMONG US** as then you will be banned)
  • SoftwareGore (Oddities in devices that would make Alt 2.0 take a second look)
  • Okaybuddyretard (Everyone acts like cavemen with a light grasp of the English language but everything is banned)
  • stfu retard (Okaybuddyretard but it's all just kooky characters insulting you for finding penis music funny)