Red Bird Cinematic

Birdius planning to eat the eggs. LOL! CANNIBALISM guiding his eggs.

General Reddit "Kickarse" Birdius (1879-1956; 1885-) or Red Bird ​for short and Red was a German Prison prisoner who one day escaped by using his bird skills. He is the savior of many lives and is also the General of the Angry Birds army. He is also a Henchman of Ashley. Be noted that he has Two Separate Forms; His Soul and the Bird itself.

Biography (Bird Form)

Birdius was born in October 21, 1879 in Gamelon. Soon after he was born, Shaggy Rogers thought he was Nice, so he blessed him, which caused Red to to interested in Wars and Soldiers. unfortunately, this made him and his soul Tear Apart when He was Blessed. He trained to become a soldier at age 19 when German fuhrers invaded Gamelon. After killing several pigs, he founded the Angry Bird army. He founded the Angry Birds group so that they can fight the German fuhrers. After 54 years of battling, he retired and gave up half of his money to donate it to his family and friends.

The Great Bird Escape

The Great Bird Escape was an event that occured during World War II. After Red Bird escaped from the German Prison. German Prison is one of the most dangerous prisons in the world. It is surrounded by traps and guarded by German fuhrers. Red Bird used all of his bird skills to escape the German Prison. He constructed a slingshot from various things such as stones, rubbers, etc. 


Birdius died in May 23, 1956 due to Avian influenza, or most-commonly known as Bird flu. However, His Soul in the form of a Devil, lives on.

Biography (Soul)


Red's Soul with his Master, Ashley.

When Shaggy Blessed Birdius, His soul splitted apart with him. Just for no confusion, We will call the Soul Red, and the Bird Birdius. Anyhow, His soul turned into the form of a Devil, and he went from Gamelon to the UnUnited Kingdom, where he met Ashley, who just woke up from being Unconscious. The two became friends, and they escaped to UnAmerica and bought Luigi's Mansion for 500 Pounds.

Diffrent Forms

Red is able to turn into Multiple things, since he is a soul, he can morph into multiple things:

  • A Broom
  • A Wand
  • A Dinner Blaster
  • A Piece of Chocolate
  • His Original Form
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