actin' all gangsta!!!!!!!!

Gender: Gangsta
Hair color: Helicoptery
Eye color: Melee Yoshi
Species: Unknown
Home: Rayman's World
Death: Killed infinite times, but can respawn
AKA: Unknown Species
Likes: Helicopter Hair
Dislikes: Tubby Toast
Education: None
Occupation: Fist Shooter
Known For: Shooting His Fists Like Boomerangs.
UnRank: 121,485

Rayman is a weird thing whose arms hands and legs feet are floating in the middle of nowhere which is basically around him.


Rayman started out as a floating thing which floats. Then Captain 0 came along and put a banana in it. Then Mario came along and put an energy orb in it. It started growing until in turned in to Rayman.


Rayman can shoot ener-crud out his hands which can destroy Weegee 's eye. He once did this on a Rabbid and it Blew up! Oh Gawd. He can also use The Disintegraterinatorinator which destroyed the evil villain Lazorbeardz!

Other Info

He has his own shame, Rayman..... That's about it, but it is said to be a good shame.

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