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Ray to Scar

Ray is the Royal Scout of the Italian Dinosaurs. He is the Most hated of all Italian Dinosaurs, because if he finds

Raptor - Peek A Boo

Ray sees you...

you, a whole pack of Italian Dinosaurs. He is great friends with Scar, The leader of the Italian Dinosaurs so he has lots of power.


He looks the same as all the others execpt his skin is a bit browner than the others. He sometimes wears a tracking device with a video camera of it so they can see where he is and wear the humans are.


He was made a normal scout by Scar, but once he saw his talent, he made him the royal scout. One time he cornered one of Captain 0's friends but Captain 0 showed up and battled Ray and broke his leg. Ray had to take a year off from his job while he had it heal and Scar didn't do his job because he was fussing over Ray so the Italian Dinosaurs did very bad that year. In the final Italian Dinosaur war when Scar had been overthrown by Splicer, he was nuked and killed just like the rest of the Clan

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