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The Raven
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Raven summoning her "Super Duper Funky Chicken" spell

This article is about the Teen Titan. For the bird, see Crows. For the psychic, see Raven Baxter. And for the actress who PLAYS the psychic, see Raven-Symone. YA NASTY!

Raven in real life

Raven is a demon girl who wants to kill the Teen Titans but they have no pie.


  • Super Duper Funky Chicken spell
  • Pew Pew spell
  • Teletubby Shape-Shifting spell
  • Dora The Explorer spell
  • Little Einsteins Theme Song Remix spell
  • Everyone Becomes a Pretty, Pretty Pegasus spell
  • Lay Egg Is True spell
  • Allergic to Everything spell
  • Taco Spell


Early Life

Raven was born in January 1st, 0001. She was summoned by satan to steal pie. Although, she was only able to steal pie when she turns 19222212313293219803219893218322898432 years old.

Joining The Teen Titans

Raven turned 19222212313293219803219893218322898432 and she was allowed to steal pie. So she was walking on a sidewalk, and she was eating people's souls for their pies. She walked into a pie store where the Stretchkin Ninja Turtles were robbing pies. Raven ripped their heads off and ate their corpse because they were stealing what was about to be HER pies. She shot the cashier in the face and stole his pies.

Raven thought that the Teen Titans had pie because they were stupid. The Teen Titans are her pies and she became depressed and miserable. Robin was thankful and hired Raven.

Present Life

Raven currently with the Teen Titans in Titans Tower, where she is annoyed constantly by their shenanigans. She likes nothing more than Pretty Pretty Pegasus, and if you hate Pretty Pretty Pegasus (especially SparkleFace), she will kill you. She already killed Raven-Symone, thus making Raven Baxter dead as well. That was the last time anyone ever heard "OH SNAP" or "YA NASTY" again. This caused Raven to also remove the phrases from the dictionary. Fortunately, she only removed them from HER dictionary.


  • She was rumored to be Satan's wife.
  • She is really a bird in disguise.
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