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Randy Rose Warthog

"Ah!-I don't know about YOU but I believe in GHOSTS! It's true! It's true! They've been there my whole life!" -Randy Warthog (Describing his ties to the anomalous.)

Gender: Male
Hair color: grey
Eye color: Brown
Species: Human
Home: WTFsville, United States of UnAmerica
AKA: Homer Flynn, Mr. Skull
Likes: Constantinople, Mourice the cat, weirding you out, his amigo(p)s
Dislikes: The Ottoman Empire, Bigfoot
Education: Public school
Occupation: Lead singer, weird thing
Known For: Painting The American Warthog
UnRank: 2,500

Randy Warthog is a very-uh "creative" guy. He is known by making strange music that summons rifts to the UnUniverse. In the real world he goes by the name "Homer Flynn" which is a far more normal, and a not weird name. Randy is also credited to the creation of The American Warthog.

Early Life

Randy was born in- we don't know. All we know is that he went under the name "Homer Flynn" and lived in the United States. One day he decided he was going to be weird, so he grabbed some of his friends and played music. The term music is used lightly because it was only him screaming: "HERE I COME CONSTANTINOPLE! HERE I COME CONSTANTINOPLE! I AM COMING CONSTANTINOPLE! HERE I COME!!!" to a bunch of random funny sounds in the background.

Introduction to the UnUniverse

One day the real world was too scared by his band, and him. This band was called "The Residents", and they wore scary costumes all the time so people thought they were scary people coming to sell them soap. One day he hit a note too high on his saxophone, which resulted in a dimensional rift opening, and taking his band to the UnUniverse.

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