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OH NO!!! This Harbinger has made it's lair on this article!! Run before it burns you alive! Be careful, it might still be nearby you...
" Do you hear that? "
  —Randall taking to Mike Wazowski, as he passes gas.
  —Randall Boggs as he's about to attack Sulley or anybody else
Randall Boggs
Randall Boggs.jpg
Gender: Male
Hair color: No hair, but scales though
Eye color: Green
Species: Chameleon-Lizard hybrid
Home: Satanist Empire
AKA: Chameleon Lizard Thing
Likes: Scaring, spying, stealth
Dislikes: Humans
Occupation: Ninja and Spy
Known For: Being the most wanted terrorist in the southern hemisphere
UnRank: 20

Randall Elijah Boggs is an evil chameleon-lizard hybrid thing who is sneaky (Like many other Randalls). He's considered Mike Wazowski and Sulley's worst enemy.

During 2013, he became a good guy and dated Celia (So he can take her away from Mike), whereas Mike & Sulley

Randall Boggs became evil again in 2014, and Mike and Sulley became heroes again (leading to Mike getting Celia back). Then he exploded for no some reason.

Randall Boggs got banished in the Source Freak world in 2015, but he still did evil s*** there, and he started to like humans (As long as they're evil or on his side), where he met and made new friends with Painis Cupcake, Vagineer, Human Sentry Buster, and Ninja Spy.

Randall Boggs went to the UnWorld in 2016 thanks to Ninja Spy helping him, who (and his special friends) followed him there and destroyed some random African tribe.

In Summer 2017, he studied communism and became a minion of Joseph Stalin and a member of the Warsaw Pact.

In Winter (December) 2017, he decided to abandon Communism and leave the Warsaw Pact and decided to do Satanism and bowed down to Googolplex (And painted the pentagram on his left shoulder) instead and then became a member of the Satanist Empire.

After being revived by Thanos after he undid the effect of him along with five other characters being molded into a couch, Randall questioned who Thanos was, and Thanos replied that he is a giant, purple god. He quoted "I hate the heroes as much as Googolplex ever did. If you are still a fan of him, and if you want to get revenge on Mike Wazowski, Sulley, and whoever molded you into a couch, join me and I will make your face the GREATEST in Koridai!". Randall Boggs agreed to join and thus, did not DIE.