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This is his pic

Rahat the Third is a man from India. He has been known to rival Bill Gates in computers but yet, nobody knows who he is. You probably didn't either until you read this article.

Childhood and After

He is called Rahat the Third even though his dad's name is Bobby Skull Crusher. His dad liked the name Rahat for being an Indian name and he likes the number 5 so he called him Rahat the Third. He went to the same pre-school, elementary school, middle school, high school, post-school, college, university, and even the same medical school as Bill Gates but no one knows him! His IQ is over 9,001 but he is too stupid to tell the world of his intelligence.  But usually everyone knows his evil twin, Rahat the Turd.
Decatur House north side-1-

This is his house. Ignore the fail sign

He currently lives in a brick house with some windows being blocked. This might be because his house is haunted. LOL.

Rahat the Turd

Rahat the Turd is his evil twin.

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