Radistania's flag.


Radistania's Coat of Arms, nuff said.

Radistania is a huge (for a human scale) country on Kittehlandia, it is the habitat of the Radishes, alive or not.


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Living Radishes chilling, nobody knows where that arrow points to.

Radistania is made almost entirely of a special coarse dirt, can't grow grass but can grow vegetables. The terrain is cut by dozens of lava tubes, some of which are wider than the average Seizure Hole. Some pebbles can make weird noises like basically everything in Piramida, but nobody knows why at the moment.

Some of the fauna here are the Gap Toothed Mountains, Polofs, Radishes and a giant who eats the Radishes. The whole land is protected by a face called the Magic Face.


One day, a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0OOONG time ago, the plate Lolcat Land (the continent) sits on broke in 1 spot. OVER 9000 megatons of lava shot out of the ocean floor, creating a series of small islands just to the southeast of Lolcat Land.


  • Radistania's prized crop is pretty much every vegetable.


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