The Raccoon City Police Department (R.P.D. for short), was the main law enforcement entity for the former midwestern town of Raccoon City and the surrounding areas such as the nearby Arklay Mountains. S.T.A.R.S. teams being an associated agency.


As an ordinary police force, the R.P.D. was responsible for enforcing the law and keeping the peace in the city. (That is obviously what police do!) Owing to Umbrella Corporation's funding, they were a well-equipped force, possessing elite units which is normally unusual for a small mountain community. The R.P.D.'s main headquarters was a former art museum.


What would later become the Raccoon City Police Department main precinct was originally an art museum on Ennerdale Street in Downtown Raccoon. Police chief Brian Irons would later keep many pieces of art within the precinct.

Early into the zombie invasion - around September 25th, 1998 - the R.C.P.D. was used as a refugee camp and fortress for the Raccoon City citizens seeking rescue. Most refugees stayed in the basement for safety, including the arrested reporter Ben Bertolucci, who locked himself in a prison cell even though he had a key. However, as ammunition levels went down, along with the number of survivors, some refugees left the R.P.D. due to its constant attacks. On October 1st, the police station was destroyed by BOOM!

Famous Members

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