150px-Nyctereutes procyonoides 4 (Piotr Kuczynski)

is....that a raccon or......a dog?

Tanuki ZA 7410

...Whatever it is, it looks fluffy!

A Raccon Dog is an animal. (obviously) Nobody is quite sure how it came into the world but probably the same morons that made Obamasnow by mixing a dog with a raccon. How they mixed it is totally classified information. Even though it could have been made in the U.S., they live in Asia with dolphins. Many people confuse this for a raccon because it looks like a raccon. That's why many people avoid it. (Since raccons carry rabies) But evil people know it's not a raccon and that it's a dog which is why they trap them, take them to teir evil HQ's, and skin them alive for their coat to use in, well, coats for people. The PETA wants to stop them but end up attacking Mario instead because he wears a raccon dog suit which is apparently, illegal. This is why the evil people never get caught.

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