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Not to be confused with the more sinister Dr. Rabbit.
Cquote1 I am Rabbit Doctor, the dentist's only world rabbit, I am about to die. Cquote2
Rabbit Doctor, before getting attacked by Pedo Bear.
Rabbit Doctor

Gender: Male
Hair color: Purple
Eye color: Black
Species: Rabbit
Home: Hot Air Balloon
Death: Eaten By Pedo Bear
AKA: the Dentist's Only World Rabbit
Likes: Dying
Dislikes: Pedo Bear
Education: Eaten
Occupation: SBP's Secret Weapon.
Known For: Dying
UnRank: -20

Rabbit Doctor (also known as the Dentist's Only World Rabbit) is a guy that only appears PBS's Secret Weapon, He is only playable in the Xbox and Nintendo Wii versions of the shame so that means the Xbox and Wii don't just have Bowser as the only playable character in the Pedo Plot in the game. Rabbit Doctors animations would take up too much memory in the Play Station 2, Game Boi and video versions.

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