KMA Megatank sprite

The tank about to annihilate some N00bies

The Quadgun (aka: Duck Doom Destroyer) is a highly weaponized tank made by the finests armourers of the Ducky Empire, created to annihilate every other known country, yes, even the ones on Kittehlandia, Ogg and Stultus. Good thing that war-hungry loon Ducky made it too big to get off the ground without taking several hours to reach it's destination.


The Quadgun has a large grin painted on it's face to intimidate enemy troops, a caterpillar band for traversing rocky terrain and a secret entrance on the top. To get in, you must climb a ladder on it's back, and reach a manhole on it's top, inside, there is lotsa complicated machinery that controls whatever it does, it possess 4 portholes that are disguised as glass eyes so troops can see. It has 6 exhaust ports because Ducky dosen't give 3 craps about the environment, but the most notable thing is it's weapon system, a conveyor belt on it's front that can have cannons that shoot missiles, and skull buttons that replace everything with an entire arsenal of cannons, but since Ducky is dorkarific, he added shiny colorful buttons that do nothing more than damage the portholes, as a last resort, it can ram into troops and even get a gigantic cannon that shoots a Snowtomic Bomb.

It can carry 100 people at a time, 96 are troops, and four are pilots, who all get periscopes to use the portholes, and hey, what's that grey thing in the window... oh god, run to the Oobi page now, no, the Chuck Norriseegee page, don't ask, just go! Unless you live next to a beach, it will fall in and quickly rust and become nothing more than a tank sized paperweight.

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