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Heh, now I'M very hungry!

This article is for the tasty squash, for the race of creatures that resemble these, see Pumkin.

Pumpkins are pretty much the symbol of Halloween, and pretty much all of Autumn. It's a round squash thingy that is tasty, tastier than itself, and that makes no sense... if you are a Real Worldian. It's a round tasty thing with a thick stem, it could be orange, but some are other colors like white, green, red, yellow, blue, tan, and some are colors that only a Short Beaked Echidna can see. We'd describe them, but, heh heh, WE ARE NOT ECHIDNAS!

One way to eat them is to make them into Real Pie, or, if you're Stupid, you can make Pie out of it, and mabye Pi and Purple Pi if you are a real Wing Nut. You can also chop their heads off, reach into them and mercilessly rip out the, "guts" (which is actually just a mass of orange Stuff) and seeds and top it all off by putting a light inside after carving their own face. This is called a Jack-o'-Lantern, and it looks very pretty so why not put the poor pumpkins through some torture.

It's brutal for a pumpkin, this poor squash has only one time to shine, and that's when it's dead, so yeah, happy Halloween, jerks!

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