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Pumkin World (which is actually a country) is located in Africa. It is home to the Pumkins, which are a species of mutated Pumpkins. There are also other mutated fruits and vegetables in this land with minor influence. Pumkin World is a member of the Bowser Empire.


During the early 1860s, Pumkins started appearing throughout Africa. They all teamed together and took over Eastern Africa. It was very easy because Africa was weak, and no one lived in the part of Africa they took over at the time. The Pumkins elected their leader, Pete Weinstein, to keep them a prosperous nation. However, this all changed when Mrs. Dictator over threw the government in 1972 with her Pazi army. From then on, Pumkin World was the center of controversy, war, and famine.

Pumkin World Border

Notable Events

Here is a list of notable events in the history of Pumkin World.

  • 1879: Butter shortage kills hundreds
  • 1897: The Pumkin Army is founded
  • 1912: Pumkin iceberg sinks the Titanic
  • 1913: Squadala Empire attacks Pumkin World
    • Pazi Party Founded
  • 1914: Temporary Peace is established with the Squadala Empire
  • 1969: Unknown Pumkin punches Squadala Man, Squadala vs Pumkin World tension grows
  • 1972: Mrs. Dictator overthrows government
  • 1978: Pumkin World aligns with Bowser in his quest to take over the UnWorld.
  • 1984: Mrs. Dictator allows President Pumkin to lead country
  • 2000: Pumkins invade Arlen
  • 2001: Hank Hill fights back and gets rid of Pumkins
  • 2012: Pumkins invade Battery Park
  • 3001: Pumkins invade New New York in massive numbers
  • 3002: The hungry pumkin eats the international space station
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