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Pumkin Sheep are evil that were created by Mrs. Dictator to invoke fear among humans.


On January 1st, 2013, shortly after the murder of Mrs. Wakefield, Mrs. Dictator needed more weapons, for she knew that Mrs. Wakefield's death was the beginning of what may be The Second Great Pumkin War! She knew that in order to win this war this time, she must create new un-holy weapons that even The Devil would not wish upon his enemies. These weapons include the monstrosity that is the Pumkin Sheep! Nobody knows who or what specific group of people is responsible for the creation of this hellish creature, but it is known it is the product of Pumkin World's


So far, this horrible creature has only made one appearance outside the labs in Pumkin World when it was spotted in Arlen. The citizens of Arlen are worried more Pumkin Sheep, along with Pumkins, may invade the city.


Pumkin Sheep can talk, and they have a very colorful vocabulary. The Pumkin Sheep in Hank Hill's house can be heard saying "piece of sh!t."