Pumkin bomber
Pumkin Bomber is a violent Shame released for the Nintendo 64 and Play Station. The goal is to bombard the Hungry Pumkin with grenades. The more he swats away, the more destruction he causes. It was created by Mrs. Dictator to make children think violence is fun.
Pumkin bomber se

Special Edition

A special edition Pumkin Bomber shame was released for the Playstation after selling over 5 million copies in Pumkin World. In this shame, Old Man Pumkin throws grenades at you, and you must deflect the at orphans.


Since the media in Pumkin World is controlled by the government, this game was giving an A+ rating, and every child had to play it, or else they would DIE! In the United States of UnAmerica, the game was received negatively, and Jack Thompson demanded that the sale of the game be blocked. The game was then banned in UnAmerica but, can be found on ShamesCoarse

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